Conveyance & Legal Advice

B&G Nivaria Consulting is specialized in the following legal services in Tenerife:

Conveyance: assisting in property sale or purchase with contracts, due diligence on property, completing notary and land/property register processes, calculating and managing tax issues related to the sale or purchase operation, transferring utility contracts to new owners, assuming compulsory fiscal representation for non resident owners, accepting payments on behalf of clients, generating clear cost balance final reports and property files.

Tax Claims In Spain: managing tax claims and old tax debt issues with all tax offices or in TEAR (Tribunal Económico Administrativo Regional)  or in the Court (Contencioso Administrativo).

Employee Law Claims: producing labor contracts and managing labor disputes in SMAC and Labor Court cases.

Wills & Inheritances: assisting in Spanish wills, calculating and managing resident and non resident inheritance tax, managing property and other asset transfers due to inheritance.

Property & Land:  rental contracts, evictions, proof of ownership, register and cadastral anomalies…