Tax Advice

We provide qualified and professional tax advice, thoroughly covering the complex and rather bureaucratic Canarian Tax System, with its special local taxes which add lots of peculiarities to the National Tax Office taxes.

We are proudly committed to the idea of saving our clients money by giving correct tax advice and avoiding penalties by delivering taxes to the various tax offices within the official deadlines.

Learn with us how to tackle tax issues, saving money while meeting the requirements of the law everything explained very simply in English at your premises.

Discover the answers to:

  • Should I charge IGIC in my invoices? Why? Can I avoid it?
  • What costs are deductible in my business? How can I deduct expenses for the car that I use?
  • Am I entitled to join the “Modulo system”? Is it convenient for me?
  • How much less tax would I pay from my Personal Income tax if I opened a Pension Plan? Which amount would maximize my tax rebate?
  • How can I profit from the RIC in my corporate tax?
  • Am I entitled to claim back the money I had retained three years ago when selling my house? How? What are the consequences?
  • What should I know about taxes before writing my will?